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The two "W" we should all ask ourselves

A true balanced approach of development requires open collaborations. Together, we can achieve more. ~ Marky

Profit, people and planet are the three pillars in sustainablity and every one of us can be the starting point to take a baby step to have a balanced world.

As things are settling well after the 5th wave, many activities are gradually resuming including the long awaited 2030 SDGs Game. Last Saturday, we had conducted a game open to public and also invited volunteers from Time Auction to join. Among ourselves, we had PR professionals, financial industry practitioners to university professors, to get together and see how we can all bring positive impacts. From exchange of project cards to negotiation for cash over money, participants were able to have a clear understanding of Why the world needs SDGs and What possibilities we can do with SDGs.

Together, it is possible to create a better world. ~ Cissy

We also conducted the 2030 SDGs Game with organization that was willing to invest resources to have their top and middle managements to interns to experience the Game. The organization is so committed to UNSDGs and wanted their colleagues from all departments and working levels to have good understanding so they can implement their plan of actions. Throughout the workshop, we explored all the possibilities from individual to professional life and encourage all the increase their impact handprints by advocating more and influencing others.

From the SDGs game, I get to know there is a bigger community out there who cares about our planet and social problems. I feel inspired by the SDGs game experience - it brings some self-reflection to me on how to address issues in this society and planet earth. - Time Auction volunteer

Recently we also brought the Game to university to kick start their global internship program from the Social Science department. Students were about to experience and have a reality check on how each of our actions and activities can make change to the world and learnt to appreciate the two "W". One participating student, for example, cited how she realized all 17 goals are interrelated and that time is running out.

From individuals to corporate, from NGO to educational institutions, the 2030 SDGs Game is the great experiential simulation that helps to engage all stakeholders to work together towards the global goals. Take action today and be the changing agents we can all be now.

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