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Returnship Program 

Returnship programs or "Bring them back to work" programs can be an area for companies to attract senior talents.


A returner brings to an organisation maturity, prior work and life experiences, corporate skillsets, organisational skills, time management, lots of skills that they’ve been able to kind of brew and enhance and develop in the time that they’ve spent both at work and outside of work.


The Returnship program shows that candidates are still the same persons they were before their break. They are still smart, insightful, and knowledgeable. Things have progressed, but so have these candidates, just in a much different path than they thought.

Image by Jhon David

The Goal

This paid program provide a structured environment through which the candidates will receive work assignments or be part of a team project, that can help them reintegrate into the workforce and acclimate to the organisation. Subject to performance and feedback throughout the returnship program, qualified candidates may be offered full-time employment at the organisation.

We tailor the program to the need to the companies to best integrate the talents into the workplaces that can be contributing themselves.  

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