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  • Doris Tsang

The Game of Real Life: 2030 SDGs Game

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Last week, I started off my internship with Womentors and I have joined a workshop called "Profit, People & Planet: 2030 SDGs Game" which was facilitated by my supervisor. Although many undergraduates or corporate have already come across the term SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, this was the first time I heard of this game.

In this event, there was a mix of age and background participants joining this game which included university students, volunteers, office workers who came after work or even teachers, who were coming to join this event. The vibes and energy in the room was amazing and that also proved that people from all walks of life should have some knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals, no matter who you are.

When the event first started, the facilitators, Lena and Carol showed us a short video about SDGs and shared with us their favourite quotes in it.

“Not leaving everyone behind.”

“Everyone gains.”

“See the world in a different way.”

These quotes are quite inspirational ; they are short yet powerful which summarise the benefit of following SDGs in a succinct way. The 17 SDGs are fulfilling everyone's needs, no matter the poor or the rich. I learnt that this mindset enables people to see in a different perspective. People should reconsider what is the real gain they should be looking for, instead of wealth.

After having a short briefing of what SDGs are, we started the game right away. The game was done in two rounds, and every team was assigned one goal card which they needed to achieve before the game ended. When the game started, everyone was so excited and focused on the game. We negotiated with other teams, buying project cards with money or selling time for money. We were all very busy and did not pay as much attention to how our actions might have affected the World Condition Meter which included economics, environment and society.

When the first-round ended, some teams had already met their goals but it seemed rather impossible for some teams to ever reach theirs. There seems to be limited resources, let it be time or money, or the World Condition Meter was never ready for the teams to do what they want to do.

During the midterm report, seeing the world we had created was alarming. The facilitators reminded us to read our goal cards carefully again.

When the second-round started, the vibe had changed. People wanted to achieve more than just their own goals. The room was filled with discussions and more sharing took place. We all wanted a balanced and thriving world. For me, I would say, this game was reflecting a part of the real world. For sure, people usually pay attention to what benefiting themselves, which often is measured by profits that are short-term and self-interested only. There are certainly more implications and potential negative impacts those actions may create, and that’s Why the world needs SDGs.

To keep fulfilling the sustainable goal takes long term effort, unlike a game where we can make a big difference in 30 minutes. Subsequently, we need to always believe in ourselves and take action. First make change in our own life then we are able to influence others. Only to believe and persevere so that you can see the results. And that’s the point we should consider What possibilities we can do with SDGs.

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