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Lunch & Learn: Owning your story - uplifting a woman

Life requires planning - people are used to doing a lot of planning before making different decisions. However, while you focus on the future, have you ever looked back on what you've achieved in your life? Earlier in June, Womentors has invited design thinkers & facilitators of , Maria Clancy and Maja Nir to Lunch & Learn, shared more ideas on how to own your story.

““When we deny our stories, they define us. When you own your story, you get to write a brave new ending. ~ Brené Brown

Stories are the stuff of life. It’s about how we connect, communicate, and make sense of the world. By stepping back, you would discover some aha-moments. From that, you can recall your creativity, energy, and resilience, which enable you to take ownership and feel more coherent about your story.

As Maria has been working to help different women step back from their stories, she notices that when people learn to look back, live their journey, and walk in their own shoes again, they can gain energy and conviction. As it becomes something that you have and is unique to you, it helps you define yourself and take place in the world.

“When you own your own story, it kind of becomes like a superpower.” ~ Maria Clancy

The importance of stepping back into your story

- a well-told story propels you forward

After stepping back into your story for both positive and negative moments, you're transiting with a very clear sense of self and a very clear understanding of who you are in the world. Then you can approach transition in life in a much steadier and solid way because you know who you are stepping into that moment. That makes a huge difference - rather than feeling the world is throwing something at you, you're able to respond actively.

To summarize, owning your story is stepping back into your experience, and reflecting on what you are learning. Then, take ownership of your decisions and tell people with conviction. It makes people more confident when stepping into career redesign or a job search.

“Once we edit our story. The next chapter becomes much easier to write.” ~ Lori Gottlieb

Tips and tools for reconnecting with your narrative

1. Timeline

Through working with themes in your life. It allows you to see the turning points. It gives you an understanding of how you cope with change, emotions, and stress. There is a lot of values in the feedback you get from this exercise.

2. When I’m at my best

Try to draw three examples in your zone and identify the critical factor with the details again. By understanding the pattern and the themes of those examples, you can set yourself up in a situation where you have as many of the factors you need in a place that will make you be your best.

Besides, success means so many different things to so many different people. So going in this way enables you to define your success and even understand what you need to have in place.

3. My Mini-autobiography

Choose three to four examples from your earlier career and your earlier life, and understand and think what were the ambitions that you were working with? Rethink the experience with details and reflect on what you have learned.

Learning how to tell your story - it belongs to you after all!

It is so important for people to get back to working with their own stories, follow their own journey, tell their stories with conviction and clarity, and really live into that story.

Practice your story; keep it simple. Think about your audience, be clear on your objective and deliver with your energy, and also know how to present yourselves or even present to the world.

“Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.” ~Michelle Obama

We strongly encourage you to join us as a team and make a connection with people on this journey. No matter whether you are a full-time mother who wants to go back to your career path or trying to write your own story, we hope you will be one of us and be a force to support each other. So, join our mailing list to stay tuned for our Career Transit Program in the Fall. We wish to see you in the next meeting.

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