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Lunch and Learn: Be Visible with the Invisible

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

For some sparkling ideas on eco-friendly, we would like to introduce you to Devana Ng, the co-founder of Invisible Company. In this article, you will learn how to “Eco with Attitude” through daily actions for better and plastic-free living. Womentors spoke with Devana Ng earlier to learn how she made her business visible with the invisible.

Lunch & Learn: Be Visible with the Invisible, June 8, 2022

Story of Devana Ng

Devana was working in a marketing department for the skincare and beauty industry when she was 18. She returned to study in between and back to working in marketing for seven years. Then, in 2018, she and her partner brought up the idea of wanting to make a change.

As the co-founder of INVISIBLE, Devana started work in marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, business development, public relations, and customer service.

The Start of INVISIBLE

The story began with the hiking of Devana and her husband; as the hiking lovers, they unfortunately found lots of plastic waste left in the beautiful nature. This experience inspired them to reach out for a long-term solution for the environment and start their company in 2020.

That’s a new challenge when you switch to a new step of your comfort zone, do something you have never experienced, and do every single thing. ~Devana Ng

They aim to create a community based on authenticity and fairness, building on their innovative products, and can inspire, educate, and spearhead environmental change together, fulfilling the sustainable goal of quality education, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.

Photo is capped in the zoom meeting.

The Innovative Product of INVISIBLE- INVISIBLEBAG

To implement the company's philosophy, INVISIBLE is dedicated to promoting its alternative, sustainable packaging - INVISIBLEBAG, a water-soluble, compostable, and biodegradable, proven to be non-toxic, non-harmful to the environment.

INVISIBLE is educating customers by telling them the information and science behind each product feature. Although it costs three times more than conventional plastic bags, they spend lots of effort and time on producing this eco-friendly product which is different from greenwashing. And do the education through blog posts and social media posts.

You have to do what you believe and do exactly what you say. Believe what you love. Believe what you see. Believe what you are doing. ~Devana Ng

Two Important Elements in INVISIBLE:

1. Creating a community

It is worthy of appreciation for every customer willing to participate in this environmental work by having INVISIBLEBAG in their daily life. Every small step means a lot to the whole journey of environmentally friendly.

2. How a community join forces together

INVISIBLE look forward to the change between people and spreading the effect of switching to an eco-friendly style and ending the packaging life by people affecting people through the different social media platforms.

Past Collaboration

Photo is sourced from INVISIBILE's Instagram.


Dog Poo Bags

Hooment is a lifestyle store offering pet products, grooming services, cafes, adoption, and education.

In this program, INVISIBLE made a postcard for Hooment’s customers with a poo bag inside. The inspiration for Dog Poo Bags has come from the material itself, which was invented 100 years ago and has been applied to different applications that have commonly known, like the outside coating of laundry pods

Photo is sourced from INVISIBILE's Instagram.


Using the fabric sourced in Shum Shui Po as decoration, located at 122 Ki Lung Street.

When you start your own business, there’s no perfect answer, a model answer, or even multiple choices. Is all about trial and error. In the whole journey we made mistakes, and we learnt from the mistakes. You can make a mistake once, but not twice. ~Devana Ng

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