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Inside out, outside in • Mask on, mask off

After 3 years of pandemic, finally Hong Kong is now mask free since beginning of the month. We still see many people wearing masks in the public places though as it would probably take a while for some people to get used to not wearing one. Yet it is certainly a big milestone to have a choice to wear or not to wear a mask, it's all a personal choice.

We wouldn't be unfamiliar to hear "Diversity is a given, inclusion is a choice." It is our conscious and unconscious choice to be perform any act of inclusiveness.

In 2023, Womentors is pleased to roll out this pair of mindset shifting workshop Hack your Box for Inclusion to take participants inside out and outside in to make simple adjustment to our unconscious thinking for better outcomes. During the workshop, participants can be taken into a journey to go into deep reflection how one can change his/her conscious thinking to explore how observable self and inner thinking can impact inclusion.

Sounds complicated? Hack your Box is really a lightweight yet deep thoughtful exercise for our minds to have a practical and reflective understanding of Inclusion which is often easily said than done.

Inbox to learn more on how Hack Your Box change bring positive impact to your organisation.


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