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  • Maru Blanca

Creating better and more sustainable workplaces

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

If we wish to impact lives beyond the life of one project, and beyond a narrow range of positive impact outcomes, we have to think bigger than the usual traditional views. We must think about how women can build tools and networks that let them transform their own lives and contribute to the current work environment.

Three months…That's how long it took the coronavirus to bring down households incomes, destroy businesses, and wipe out jobs among millions of talented women worldwide. No doubt many will find a way to rebuild and create new opportunites. But in a world where economic resilience has been stretched to the maximum, women can and should be the driving force to a more sustainable and strong economy.

Womentors was founded on the strong belief in creating better, more sustainable workplaces for everyone, specially women. Pivot the way women define their careers by providing real work opportunities that are in line with their personal goals. Womentors is aiming to consult and advise companies who are committed to designing and supporting a diverse workplace that accommodate work and life integration. We offer recommendations and provide strategies that are designed to make the workplace better for women and all employees. Womentors doesn’t stop there. We’ve created a set of awards designed to acknowledge companies that are currently recognising that work life harmony needs to mean more than simply flexible work arrangements and employee benefits, rather a shift in the entire organisational culture.

Furthermore, as urgency around ESG continues to gain momentum in the investor community, Womentors will also use the expertise of its founders to advice on effective ESG reporting and presentation in accordance with HKEx guidelines.

We give guidance around B Corp certification and help companies draft and deliver project plans to complete the B Impact Assessment explaining how the certification will link their focus on positive environmental impact, from the supply chain and input materials to your charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification will prove that your business is meeting the highest standards of a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

As a mother of three I believe with Womentors I can make a difference in helping to lay a pavement where:

  • More women can join the workforce and can remain active in every stage of their journey.

  • Employers will be able to retain talented and accomplished women in the workforce by creating work environments that better accommodate work and life integration.

  • Contribute towards building a more sustainable work place where businesses have a responsibility beyond making profits to protect a range of stakeholders and the environment.

Womentors is keen to keep the conversation going. To tell us how your organisation is developing its approach to life work balance and how you are meeting your targets around ESG reporting, please contact us at

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