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Colleague or Mother? Navigating the Motherhood and Career Conundrum

Womentors recently hosted a super thought-provoking workshop based on true stories that really dug into the challenging decision of whether to pursue a full-time career or become a full-time mom. In today's complex world, this is a highly personal choice that a lot of people struggle with, but seemingly full-time moms suffer more than full-time dad. The process of this workshop led participants to experience the reasons behind.

The workshop brought together a diverse group of folks - across genders and generations. Using the Process Drama technique with lots of interactive role-playing, participants got to walk in the shoes of working moms, their partners, kids, colleagues, and more. It was eye-opening to peel back the layers and see how gender biases play out in the workplace and at home.

The power of process drama is that it allows people to viscerally experience perspectives different from their own. In a workplace setting, this can be tremendously impactful in building empathy, identifying blind spots, and inspiring concrete actions to support working parents. It gives employees a safe space to challenge assumptions and co-create more supportive work environments.

The whole group really benefited from each other's insights and personal experiences. Folks had great feedback, like “Role playing is really interesting!” and “I learned to appreciate my mother even more, and I learned a lot about fatherhood too. Learning about different people, a diverse audience, is very rewarding.” More testimonial excerpts here:

“The workshop provided valuable insights and perspectives on the complex decision of whether to be a full-time mother or pursue a full-time career after having children. Hearing from working mothers, husbands, and younger generations gave me a deeper empathy and understanding of the challenges involved. I gained an appreciation for the need for more flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies to support mothers who want to continue their careers……” – Year 3 university female student

“...... One of the key takeaways that I took with me is the prejudice and discrimination that mothers face does not decrease even if you move up the corporate ladder. When emergencies such as taking care of your child take place, your colleagues may still look down on you even with equal work output just because you are not solely dedicated to your job duties. The workshop was an eye opener and huge thanks to the host for making the workshop so engaging.” – Michael, 24 yrs old male Civil Engineer

“The workshop was really interactive and hands-on. I was engaged the whole way through and it allowed me to experience the struggles that Mothers face in the work industry…… you could feel the immense pressure that they face, such as where their priorities lie between the company and their family.” – Anson, 23 yrs old male Startup Founder

This is only one of many experimental workshops Womentors can bring to you, please visit training page or inbox us to customize for you.

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