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  • Lillian Chow

A better way to tackle virtual meetings

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone has switched from working physically in offices to working remotely. I believe that many of us have the experience of online meetings. However, do you think that the lack of interactions between people and not knowing one another has led to less engagement?

Let us learn a thing or two that can help improve ourselves in our next virtual meetings. We are very delighted to have Ms Arunanjali Maria, founding partner and director of TSOL, to be our guest speaker of Womentors’ monthly event in June, the Powerful Presence at Virtual Meetings Workshop last week.

We should master 3 super powers:

Self Power. Trust is key and constitutes insight into our character and competency. We can use stories as a medium to connect and help to highlight our character and capability. People will connect with us emotionally when our messages are impactful and memorable.

Connect Power. It includes listening, acknowledging and asking others with empathy. We should listen to others with our eyes and ears, and respond to others with heart. For an online meeting, we can first listen to others with eyes, then with ears. We should be inclusive, and we can actively invite others to join the discussion too!

Tech Power. We should learn the quick tips to use the tech tools. Some of us may not be familiar with the new functions, so we can start early to get prepared. Knowing how to use tech functions is also an enabler to make us look good and feel good during the interactions.

‘Small things can make a difference in how we show up. There is a structure and science to showing up with gravitas. We should be creative in using the resources and choose our own persona.’

  • Arunanjali Maria, founding partner and director of TSOL

We can also behave confidently and get to know more people in virtual meetings if we are willing to spend more time getting prepared and communicate with others truthfully. With all the great tips, you can be the next virtual social star.

Big shout out to Arunanjali for the great fun session and thank you for attending our event and we look forward to seeing you in our next activity after the summer!

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