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  • Lillian Chow

How to make better decisions by Systems Thinking

We all face different problems and challenges in life, and we need to think of ways to solve them. Often we like to have a convergent way of decision making to narrowing down to specific solutions to our problem but are we just putting up a quick fix or

we are really Let’s review our problem solving methods. are we only fixing the symptoms rather than root causes?

We are very happy to join the workshop ‘How to make better decisions by Systems Thinking’, organised by Dream Impact and Encompass, to learn more about how to look at the full extent of a system, rather than fragments or parts, and have chances to discuss the social issues that women face by using systems thinking.

Broadly speaking we can achieve systems thinking by using 3 approaches, including:

  • Iceberg Models which emphasize on event, pattern or trend, structure and mental models,

  • Belief-Action-Result (BAR), which focuses on the linkages between variables in a system and

  • Shifting the burden (one of the system archetypes).

During discussion of the social issues we want to tackle at Womentors, we also encountered some interesting and inspiring points from participants:

  • Social Pressure is one of the factors that lead to gender bias. For example, some men do not use their paternity leave, because they may think that this is mothers’ duties, and it leads to pressure on other males.

  • Domestic helpers destroy HK’s ecosystem. There is a unique habit of HK parents hiring domestic helpers to help with daily work at home, so that they can focus on their work. It turns out that parents may not need to go home at night and they are not fighting for punctual working hours.

  • Gender roles are too fixed in HK. There are perceptions in different duties and roles. For example, teachers won’t expect men in classrooms and women are responsible for doing housework.

There’s still a long way for us to reach gender equality, but what we can do now is to change our mindsets and embrace differences. Hong Kong will turn better in the foreseeable future.

If you are interested to be part of our journey, please reach out to us at

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